How We Can Help You Promote Your Songs

Have you released a song you wrote in the club?

If you have been reading our newsletter and watching our socials, you'll see that we are constantly talking about songs written in the club and our members in the club. Follow our hashtag #songsfromtheclub

This opportunity is open to all members past and present. If you have written a song in the club and released it, then please let us know about it so we can promote it on our socials, add it to our Spotify Playlist, YouTube Playlist and share it throughout our network via our email list.

Here is what we need from you to promote you and your song:
  • a URL link to where the public can listen to your music (Soundcloud, Spotify), or a link to your music video
  • name of artist (might not be you) / name of songwriter (that's you!)
  • a high-res image of you
  • an mp3 of your song
  • a short blurb about you and how you wrote the song in the club (include details like the theme and maybe even the guideline for the week, where you're from). It would help us help you if you could not send us a bio, but specifically write something about your experience in the club as that's relevant to our audience.
  • Your social media tags

*Additionally if you're doing a tour/live streams/sharing your musical and playing songs written in the club, please let us know and we can do a shout out on socials for your tour/show dates.

We would appreciate if you would share any social media posts that we do for you with your audience too.

If you want to follow us, here are the links: